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Wireless Power Bank with Digital Display

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Remove wires from your charging process with this Wireless Power Bank with Digital Display.

Charge any smartphone without the hassle and chaos of wires. This Power Bank allows you to place your phone on it's surface and will charge it without a single cable. Included is a micro usb, usb Type C and 2 other USB ports allowing you to make this power bank the source of power for all your devices. Along with all of this is a crisp digital display that allows you to see how much power it has and how much is being used during the charging process. This compact and sleek power bank is a must have item for all those that need to de-clutter their wired world.


  • sleek design
  • digital display
  • temperature protection
  • overcurrent protection 
  • 4 different usb ports
  • overcharge protection 
  • wireless charging surface