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Troika Little Bit Keyring


Always be prepared with this handy keyring screwdriver, the Troika Little Bit Keyring has a practical design and the 2 screwdrivers are perfect for the day to day jobs. A novelty keyring but a practical use that makes it a great gift for everyone.

Beautiful and wonderfully practical: LITTLE BIT is the mini tool to take with you everywhere - together with your keys. The key ring runs right through the bit and is surrounded by a solid silicone "grip". With normal and Phillips screwdriver. Made in Germany, this practical design keyring is a must have for every day carry and a great gift for friends and family.


  • Troika Little Bit Keyring
  • Every day carry item
  • Multi-tool keyring
  • Great gift for everyone
  • Keyring with double bit (Phillips/flat-head screwdriver), Phillips PH 1, flat-head 1,0 x 5 mm, silicone handle, silicon steel / silicone, matt, Black
  • For men (and women) who like to be prepared for anything on the way
  • Practical 2-bit keychain: Phillips (PH1) and slot (1.0 x 5.0 mm)
  • This little tool is especially useful as it is always with you: whether on the keychain, the belt loop, the car key, or wherever you attach it - an ideal gift for men
  • Attached to a high-quality key ring - so you won't lose your keys or the keychain