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Trivia Game - Movie Geek


Challenge your friends or family with a Trivia Game -Movie Geek from Printworks. It is the perfect game for all movie geeks and a great fun for everyone, all neatly packed in a nicely designed box that can look great on your coffee table.

Who among your friends is the ultimate movie geek? Let’s settle it here and now. The rules are simple, drag a card to show your opponent. Your friend need to name the character on the card and the film he/she is starring in. If failed, put the card back among the other and let the next person drag a card from the deck. If succeed, they are ready to get the in-depth, hardcore, questions about that film to get some extra points. 

The box includes 50 playing cards plus a scorecard booklet.


  • Trivia Game - Movie Geek
  • Challenge your friends and family
  • Perfect after dinner game
  • Material 100% FSC, acid free paper
  • Width (cm) 11, Height (cm) 16, Depth (cm) 6.5
  • Weight (kg) 0.7