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Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Showcase Ireland, it was lovely to meet you!
Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Showcase Ireland, it was lovely to meet you!

Robotime Treasure Box

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Enjoy the self-built and well stowed Robotime Treasure Box, a vault that is just right for you! The perfect combination of puzzle and model making that is fully functional and great fun for everyone.

This wooden treasure chest that you can build by yourself it is a DIY craft and also a storage container for small items or jewellery. You can set a three-digital password and keep items safe. Choose from one of the combination of 810 sets of codes (listed in the manual). Use the knob and code to open the box. You can put small items in it safely and there is also a hidden space on top-lid which you can rotate the gears. Delicate gears and precise cutting with beautiful pattern. It will be a perfect decor for your home or office and best gift for family or friends on birthday, Mother's Day, holiday or Christmas.

Password setting

  • FRONT: This rotary knob is used to enter the password to open the box. The password is set at the time of assembly. After assembly, the password cannot be changed. The password is a three-digit number. There are 1,000 digits between 000-999. You can set 810 of them as the password, but 190 of them cannot be set, please refer to the manual for details.
  • BACK: There are two holes in the back that can insert the key, open the box and rotate the key so that the inner tray can open and rise.
  • TOP: Rotate the gear to open a small space at the top.
  • BOTTOM: At the bottom you can record the password you set, and their laser engraved the way of dialing the password:
  1. anticlockwise 2 circles to digit 1
  2. clockwise 1 circles to digit 2
  3. anticlockwise 0 circles to digit 3         Then the box will be open!


  • Robotime Treasure Box
  • 3D wooden puzzle
  • Self assembly mechanical secret storage
  • Assembled Size:100*124*85 mm 
  • Wood Pieces: 123 pcs
  • Assembly Time: Around 5 Hours 
  • Material plywood
  • Recommended age 14+