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Robotime Off-Road Jeep


Build your own Robotime Off-Road Jeep with this amazing kit and with the inertia power you just push and go to demonstrate the power of force. A great science project for children or adults and amazing gift.

Robotime is a DIY brand born in 2007, that brings the dream of everyone alive by giving you the opportunity to build it yourself. A new and modern way of making your own dreams come alive through your hands. ROBUD gives your dreams their wings to fly. Little companion during the childhood- Robud. ROLIFE takes you to experience the world of beauty with your own hands. Your bloom is the reason of breeze- Rolife. ROKR accompanies you to experience the geek craftsmanship of the Industrial Age. Geek in the Machine Age- Rokr.

The Inertia Power Vehicles can be assembled without the need for glue or any tools. Once completed, they also feature a friction motor that allows them to demonstrate the power of force.


  • Robotime Off-Road Jeep
  • Robud companion
  • Amazing gift for kids
  • Self-assembly inertia power vehicle
  • No glue or tools needed
  • Colour Blue
  • Materials Mdf, Motor
  • Measurements 5.6"L x 3.1"W x 3.1"H
  • Number of Pieces: 70
  • Approximate Assembly Time: 2 Hours
  • Friction Motor For Push-And-Go Style Propulsion
  • Recommended age 5+
  • Includes Instructions