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Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Showcase Ireland, it was lovely to meet you!
Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Showcase Ireland, it was lovely to meet you!

Robotime Cruiser Motorcycle

Robotime Cruiser Motorcycle is the prefect entertainment for adults and kids. An exciting and entertaing 3d wooden puzzle that will transform in a cool toy wants you put it together.
Sandstorms, revolvers, cowboy hats, roaming in the Wild West at sunset aren't enough. What you also need is a heavy-duty cruiser with a roaring engine. Ride it, be a modern-day Clint Eastwood, and drive solo into the wild western desert! Assemble this 3D wooden puzzle and become the coolest tough guy! By twisting the spring, this motorcycle can run up to 7~10 feets and you can see the engine pistons move! This puzzle will bring you an exciting and entertaining experience!
  • Robotime Cruiser Motorcycle
  • 3D wooden puzzle kit
  • 420 pieces
  • Assembled Size H:10.6"(27cm), W:4.6"(11.6cm), D:6.3"(16cm)
  • 3D LASER CUT WOOD PUZZLES: Made from Eco-Friendly wood, this mechanical model is a puzzle you build by fitting laser cut pieces together with no messy glues or adhesives required.
  • MECHANICAL MODEL: These functional mechanical models are intricately detailed and worthy of your home and collection. Precise instructions are included along with illustrations.
  • FUN FOR ADULTS & TEENAGERS: Adults, teens, and older kids love the challenge of model building, and kids can learn about gravity, gears, design, and engineering concepts as they build!
  • THE BEST GIFT: This motorcycle 3D wooden puzzle toy can be given to children as a gift,you can build this model with your children in your spare time to enhance the parent-child relationship. 
  • INDOOR ENTERTAINMENT: The complexity of this set brings people together and provides hours of amusement for everyone. A great family activity, this ROKR puzzle is engaging, fun, and exercises your mind!
  • Note: *Due to customs policy, wax, glue, or battery may not be included in the package.