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Robotime Corsac M60


Return to the wild old west time with this amazing Corsac M60 Revolver DIY Kit from ROKR Robotime. It’s fun to make and more fun to use, great gift for adults and kids as well.

Robotime is a DYI brand born in 2007, that brings the dream of everyone alive by giving you the opportunity to build it yourself. A new and modern way of making your own dreams come alive through your hands.

ROBUD gives your dreams their wings to fly. Little companion during the childhood- Robud.

ROLIFE takes you to experience the world of beauty with your own hands. Your bloom is the reason of breeze- Rolife.
ROKR accompanies you to experience the geek craftsmanship of the Industrial Age. Geek in the Machine Age- Rokr.

Justice Guard is a more interactive series for people to enjoy. Corsac M60 is designed in a revolver shape, with real-action release and safer bullets. Its easy-to-assemble structure makes it a perfect choice for your playful time. Step by step, you will have a satisfied building experience with classic feel of the wild Old West time.


  • Robotime Corsac M60
  • Rokr wild west gun
  • 3D Puzzle Gun Kit
  • Real-action hammer and trigger of a revolver
  • Detachable magazine for bullets storage
  • 100 rubber bands as bullets
  • 6 shots a round
  • No need of glue, 2 stars of building level
  • Weight 0.33 kg
  • Wood pieces 102 pcs
  • Recommended age 14+
  • Assembled size 228.5 x 153.5 x 35 mm
  • Package size 310 x 230 x 51 mm