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Puzzle - Dusk (500 pieces)


The puzzle the will amaze and challenge anyone, Printworks Puzzle - Dusk (500 pieces) is a work of art itself and will make a great living room accessory.

A 500-piece puzzle with one of nature’s most challenging motifs: the ever-changing beauty of the sky. Slow down and get comfortable in your sofa while looking at the colourful phenomena of the sky when the sun starts to rise. Get the whole sky series “Dusk,” “Dawn,” “Night,” and you are guaranteed to get your fingers busy from dusk to dawn.


  • Puzzle - Dusk(500 pieces)
  • Great puzzle for adults or older kids
  • Artistic puzzle for play and display in your living room
  • Material FSC, acid free 30% paper, 70% gray board
  • Width (cm) 19, Height (cm) 25, Depth (cm) 3.5
  • Weight (kg) 0.5