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PPE KN95 Face Mask


Fully certified protection face mask. Feel safer and keep others safe if you have to go out for essentials. Remember to always follow government guidelines. 

Materials: Cotton and non-woven fabric.

Standard: GB2626-2006 KN95
Color: White
Layers: 4-Ply
Certification: CE / FDA
Function: Anti-pollution PM2.5
Style: Elastic ear loop
Filtration Rate: BFE ˃ 95%

Product Description:
production of this KN95 face mask strictly follow the
GB2626-2006 (China’s KN95 standard). The technical
requirements and test methods of GB2626-2006 are
basically consistent with 42 CFR 84 (US standard). It
is great for protecting people from PM2.5 pollution
ash, pollen, bacteria, allergens, dust, chemicals and
smoke. It’s designed to promote high comfort and low
air resistance to reduce irritating the wearer.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: This disposable face mask is
super comfortable and easy to wear. We are pleased
to say that our face masks are suitable for most adults
and children over 8-year-old, making them ideal to
keep in your home in case of an emergency.

COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: This personal face mask
features an adjustable nose sponge cushion with wire
to ensure a perfect fit. Comfortable elastic ear loop,
extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears.
Inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, no dye, gentle
to the skin.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: Can be applied in electronic
manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering
services, schools, hospital care, chemical experiment,
scientific inspection etc. The filter efficiency is above