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Levitating LED Moon


A beautiful product that really is something different and outstanding, the Levitating LED Moon is a wonderful gift product. 

The fine finish wood base enhances the Moon light as it hovers above the base to great affect. All this is achieved with fine workmanship and electro magnetics to float the moon globe and also power the built in LED light that give the moon that realistic look as it floats and turns. The moon itself is a realistic representation in 3D of our actual moon that lights the night sky. 

A great gift item that is sure to please and turn a some heads in store. 


  • Levitating Moon Globe
  • 3D Features of the Moon
  • Electro magnetic
  • Globe Measures 15.24cm X 15.24cm (6" X 6")
  • Real wood base.
  • Built-in LEDs
  • DC Powered