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Finger Print Pad Lock

Original price €24,00
Current price €19,95

Such a cool lock, perfect for gyms, schools or work. Quick, secure and easy! 

Isn't technology amazing, it seems we can make anything these days. sometimes they are not always the greatest inventions but every now and then something wonderful appears that hels make our busy lives that bit easier.The finger Print Lock is one of them. It is so easy to use, simply place your thumb or finger on the biometric pad and presto, it pops open. You may think, that's not so secure, but it works only with your fingerprints. No one else can open it.

What are the advantages? Along with being a strong and safe lock, it means no lost keys, no forgotten codes and very fast to open. No more struggling to get it open when your in a hurry to the gym, school or even work. I bring it to the gym and I love it. If i forget something, I'm back to the locker and its open before you can say key or code!



  • Biometric fingerprint pad lock 
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Safe and secure
  • Set up more than one fingerprint
  • Perfect for gyms, schools and work.
  • Works on lockers, chains and anything that can be secured with a lock.