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Color: black

Introducing the CouchCoaster, whats a couch coaster you may say? Well it's nothing to do with traveling around surfing but a lot to do with stopping unwelcome spillages on your good sofa!

The Couch Coaster was invented to fit perfectly on most couches and sofas and it was also made to fit most drinks and holders, even those with handles. It is a luxurious item too, so it looks really good and because it comes in a number of different colours it can fit in perfectly with your decor! So no more balancing acts or holding your drink while watching your favourite TV programs.   


  • Once Size fits all drinks
  • Suitable for mugs, tumblers, bottle and cans
  • Hot and cold drinks too
  • Flexible silicone body (Wraps over flat, curved, wide and narrow sofa arms)
  • Weighted band (Ensures maximum stability on your sofa arm)
  • Range of colours available
  • Family Friendly
  • No more drinks going everywhere!