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CLUPEE Collapsible Cup

Original price €4,15
Current price €3,50

Collapse your daily waste with the CLUPEE Collapsible Cup!


Whether your beverage of choice is Tea or Coffee this compact cup will expand and contract to any need. With it's unique and modern design the cup fits in nicely with all coffee cups. But with it's ingenious collapsible build it can shrink into any bag or pocket. Made without any BPAs, Phthalates, Glues, or Lead you can rest easy knowing there are no toxins mixing with your drink. Along with all of this it is dishwasher safe and made from safe recyclable material. When expanded it measures 12.7cm. When collapsed it measures a tiny 4.5cm.


  • Unique collapsible design
  • 355ml
  • No BPAs, Phthalates, Glues, or Lead 
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • 12.7cm expanded
  • 4.5cm collapsed
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Fits in all bags and pockets