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Wibee Wood Alarm Clock Charger


Wake up to your Favourite Music, Wirelessly Charge your Phone, while enjoying the compact wooden design of this Bluetooth Alarm Charger.

No matter what you need this Wooden Alarm Clock Charger has it. With it's powerful Bluetooth speaker you can connect your phone and play your music. As you play place your phone on top to continuously charger it wirelessly. Along with all of this it triples as an easy to use desktop alarm clock that will look good on any surface. So if you need one of the three, buy the Alarm Clock Charger and get more than just one.


  • Wireless phone charger
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Sound Control
  • Three level brightness
  • Three alarms 
  • 2 displays
  • temperature C/F
  • Calendar
  • One USB for charging extra device
  • Nightmode 
  • Battery included