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3D Moon Light

Original price €8,30
Current price €7,25

This is a beautiful moon lamp that is an exact 3D replica of the moon. Turn out the light and fly to the moon and back again!

The moon inspires a sense of wonder and beauty, it has inspired poems, music and even movies. Man has reached it and walked on it, and now you can have it your home. This is not a normal mood changing lamp, it really is made to look exactly like the moon with contours, crators and rises just like the real moon. 

You can keep it in realistic white or change it to colour changing. You can choose any colour depending on your mood, so if it's ablue moon of Kentucky night, or a blood red moon, the choice is yours.

It was Jimmy Stewart in the famous movie, 'It's a Wonderful Life' who offered Donna Reed, as he worked her home, to giver her the moon. He said he would lasoo the ooon and pull it down to her. well now he would just have to give her one of these beautiful moon lamps instead. 

Which moon is your favourite?


  • Beautiful 3D Moon Lamp
  • Colour changing with many options including slow fade
  • Rechargeable
  • Great feature lamp, perfect for home lifestyle including kids bedroom
  • Can be used as a night light
  • Measures Approx: 21 X 21 X 21cm
  • RGB Colours
  • 3 Lighting modes including, cool white, warm white and golden yellow
  • 120 Lumens
  • Made form ABS and PVC
  • USB Cable, Remote Control included.