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Troika Onpack


Have all your accessories in one place with the Troika Onpack set. This set gives you two durable and strong hardback cases that utilize space to let you bring all your electronics, cosmetics or travel accessories with you on the go.

With its mesh compartments and elastic straps, you can be assured that the your equipment is safe and secure in this perfect everyday carry item. When not in use the set can pack up together like Russian dolls and be stored as one stylish case. With a shiny black finish these cases are not just functional but fashionable when on any desk or surface.


  • Clear storage of a variety of small items while traveling.
  • The small box and larger box can even be stored practically together.
  • Perfect for utensils, cables, headphones, passport, power supplies, medicines and so much more!
  • The leather like surface gives the cases a high quality look and feel.