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Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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As we begin to come out of lockdown and start to get processes started to keep us all safe, an Infrared thermometer is fast becoming a vital piece of equipment for the home and workplace.

The infrared therometer is non contact and is super easy use, it is simply point and click. the infrared beam will detect the temperature quickly and accurately. If someone has a high temperture it will be detected straight away. This helps protect both the user and the person being screened, if they have high termparature they can immediatiely self isolate and protect others around them. With 32 memories of test data and a high temperature alarm, this is the perfect thermometer to have in your home or business. 


  • Non-contact Electronic Thermometer
  • Infrared
  • Uses 2 X AA Batteries
  • Body Temperature
  • Surface Temerature
  • 32 Test Data Memories
  • Body Measuring Range: 32.0°C - 43.0°
  • Body Accuracy: +0.3°C (0.54°F)
  • Measuring Distance: <3-5cm
  • Auto Stop 8 secs