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KREAFUNK, quality sound design, is a lifestyle brand from Denmark with a simple philosophy: Life shouldn’t be an eternal strive for perfection. Celebrating and embracing the diversity of everyday life where it’s the small ordinary things that make it extraordinary.

Beauty is in the ye of the beholder and you don’t have to climb high mountains to achieve the good life. You don’t need a fill your home with designer furniture to impress. You don’t have to be picture-perfect to be cool. Forget perfection, just B Cool!

KREAFUNK is for real people, living real lives. so get the best out of life with who you are not what other think. Be in tune with life and enjoy anywhere. 

  • Kreafunk aGo Pocket Speaker - B Cool 2

    Kreafunk aGo Pocket Speaker


    A speaker that will impress, try it now Kreafunk aGo Bluetooth speaker is probably one of the best pocket portable speaker to enjoy your favourite ...

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  • Kreafunk aJazz Bluetooth Speaker - B Cool 2

    Kreafunk aJazz Bluetooth Speaker


    Jazz up every room and have a delightful and powerful music sound with the Kreafunk aJAZZ Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Great addition to your house,...

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  • Kreafunk aMove Bluetooth Speaker - B Cool 2

    Kreafunk aMove Bluetooth Speaker


    Enjoy the favourite music from an amazing portable Bluetooth speaker, aMove from Kreafunk that brings music to a whole new level with it’s great so...

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