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Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Showcase Ireland, it was lovely to meet you!
Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Showcase Ireland, it was lovely to meet you!


Keltek Products

Here you can see all the exciting Keltek products, we really hope you like them and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Check out our catalogue or view our products below:


  • Sale

    Cotton Fashion Mask

    Original price €3,20
    Current price €2,00

    If you're going to wear a mask, you may as well look great while you do! Now that we are being advised to wear face coverings we decided to offer s...

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  • Secrid Miniwallet Vintage


    Bring your credit cards everywhere now and feel safe from all those data thieves with the Secrid Mini wallet Vintage, that is light and compact to ...

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  • OpeKal Sanitiser Gel

    from €1,92

    Washing your hands has always been important but never as important as it is now.  The Opecal Hand Sanitiser is a home safe antibacterial and antiv...

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  • Levitating Light Bulb


    Have a talking point in your office, living room, the Levitating Light Bulb is a wonderful gift product.  The fine finish base enhances the bulb li...

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  • X-EQ Wireless Charging Wood Alarm Clock - B Cool 2
    X-EQ Wireless Charging Wood Alarm Clock - B Cool 2

    Persona Wireless Charging Wood Alarm Clock


    Wake up to a fully charged phone accompanied by your favourite playlist! Place this alarm clock on your desk or bed side table and rid yourself of ...

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  • Wi-150 Wireless Charging Wood Clock
    Wi-150 Wireless Charging Wood Clock

    Persona Wi-150 Wireless Charging Wood Clock


    The Wi-150 Wireless Charging Wood Clock is not just a pretty slick alarm clock but it actually charges your phone, has three alarm settings and is ...

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  • Persona Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager


    Get the benefits of a shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own house, in the car or even at your office. This amazing massager comes with comfort...

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  • Persona Pulse Action Neck Massager


    The Pulse Action Neck Massager is must have for your muscle recovery in case of pain or just stiffness and speeds up recovery in sports injury. It ...

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  • Persona Ergo Riser Laptop Stand


    Why not make working from home a lot easier and healthier with, Ergo Riser The Laptop Stand. since working from home became a thing, people have be...

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  • Levitating LED Moon


    A beautiful product that really is something different and outstanding, the Levitating LED Moon is a wonderful gift product.  The fine finish wood ...

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  • Sale

    Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

    Original price €49,00
    Current price €18,00

    As we begin to come out of lockdown and start to get processes started to keep us all safe, an Infrared thermometer is fast becoming a vital piece ...

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  • Sale

    Cotton Face Mask With Filter

    from €2,50

    This cotton mask is reusable and washable.  If you prefer to have a Face Mask that you can keep and bring with you pretty much everywhere then this...

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  • Sale

    Jabees Infrared Thermometer

    Original price €49,00
    Current price €20,00

    No touch infrared thermometer.  Simply point the thermometer towards the forehead and it will accurately tell you the persons termperature. Perfect...

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  • Persona FM Radio Alarm Clock


    Wake up to your favourite music with the FM Radio Alarm Clock. With this compact Alarm Clock it combines reliable time with an FM Radio that allows...

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  • Cubee wood alarm clock with sound activation and made with real wood. Natrual wood colour
    Cubee wood alarm clock with sound activation and made with real wood. White background colour.

    Persona Cubee Wood Alarm Clock


    Looking for an alarm clock to use it in the morning that also looks like part of the furniture? Then this wooden cube-shaped alarm clock is perfect...

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  • Wireless Suction Power Bank


    Hold onto your phone and let this power bank hold onto you.  Simply press your phone onto the surface and carry both around as one solid item. With...

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  • Sold out

    Wireless Power Bank with Digital Display


    Remove wires from your charging process with this Wireless Power Bank with Digital Display. Charge any smartphone without the hassle and chaos of w...

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  • Wireless Fast Charger


    Welcome to the new world of Wireless Fast Charging Things are they are a changing as the old song goes and in portable technology they certainly ar...

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    Bring the plug socket with you with the PROLITE POWERBANK. Your phone has a new best friend with this powerbank. A whopping 5000mAh charge capacity...

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  • PPE KN95 Face Mask

    from €0,85

    Fully certified protection face mask. Feel safer and keep others safe if you have to go out for essentials. Remember to always follow government gu...

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  • Wibee Wood Alarm Clock Charger


    Wake up to your Favourite Music, Wirelessly Charge your Phone, while enjoying the compact wooden design of this Bluetooth Alarm Charger. No matter ...

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  • Sale

    Desktop Punching Bag

    Original price €6,50
    Current price €5,60

    Punch your way through the day and leave stress at the door. Whether you place it on your desk or wall this punching bag is sure to relieve stress ...

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  • Sale

    CLUPEE Collapsible Cup

    Original price €4,15
    Current price €3,50

    Collapse your daily waste with the CLUPEE Collapsible Cup!   Whether your beverage of choice is Tea or Coffee this compact cup will expand and cont...

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  • 3D Moon Light

    from €8,30

    This is a beautiful moon lamp that is an exact 3D replica of the moon. Turn out the light and fly to the moon and back again! The moon inspires a s...

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