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Dausen Windshield Car Mount


The 360° Windshield Phone Car Mount from Dausen can be used with all iPhones and all smartphones, perfect for navigation uses on the phone maps.

Boost your happiness and health: On every Dausen product, we incorporate the color orange and the dopamine symbol because as it is known, the color orange triggers the human brain to secrete dopamine, a good hormone that brings you happiness, beauty and immunity. The Windshield Car Mount is not just a phone stand device, but also something that benefits your life.

Strong Suction: Strong suction cup with leverage installation offers superior suction to the  wind    shield and prevents any wiggling of the car holder. 

Fully Adjustable: Swivel Head Design provides a 360° adjustable function, allowing you to find the perfect orientation for you.

No damage to window: Using the suction lock lever system, the car mount can be easily removed from the window with one hand without causing damage to the windshield.

Compatibility: The Windshield Car Mount offers a wide range of compatibility, working with phones of any size.


  • Dausen Windshield Car Mount
  • Smart Phone Holder Distance / Clamps: 1.57-3.35 inch
  • Suction Cup Dimensions: ø2.76 inch
  • Dimensions: 5.51 x 4.13 x 2.76 inch
  • Weight: 2.01 oz
  • Package includes: Windshield Car Mount x 1